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Amaze Deer Guard bumpers Manufactured with cost effective solutions achieved through a highest level of safety and productivity design with adding a maximum value throughout North America to protect drivers, trucks and transport companies to reduce their investment in both. Amaze mission is to avoid costly repairs associated with any kind of collision on the highway and to reduce the investment cost on the truck.

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Amaze manufacturing all kinds of deer guard and customize as per the requirement of today fast moving market with innovation and integrity. We specialize in high value added engineered process. We manufacture these guards from stainless steel with mirror finish polishing. Our bumpers are highly acceptable in North America due to our special kind of polishing and rust preventive material 304.

To accomplish our mission, we commit our company going extra miles to the highest standards of performance with dedication and integrity. We look forward to support trucking industry on an ongoing basis with safety and quality services with new technology and design with new product development for trucking industry.

Besides supplying quality products we can also provide OEM services and welcome customers samples and designs for new development. Amaze is also developing a sheet bumper from light weight material aluminium with high standard of polishing with rust preventive coating.

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