As a versatile manufacturer, our products are found in multiple global industries.

The reputation of our company was actually built upon our expertise in the field of steel fabrication. Thus, our products are generally used by the trucking and automotive industry. However, our innovative techniques, systems and modern practices span far beyond the reach of automotive sector. We have given a list of industry who has availed our services:

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  • Truck and trailer repair companies
  • The companies which require welding, fabrication and installation of bumpers
  • Transportation industry
  • Diesel tank repair shops
  • Automotive industry
  • Commercial vehicles

So, for high-quality steel fabricated products for your trucks, you can contact us anytime.


We deliver a high level of expertise in every area of services, using the latest products and technology we continually improve every aspect of our business.


We base the relationships we have with our team, our suppliers and our customers on complete Honesty, Loyalty and Integrity.


We create customized products that are too difficult, for others to construct. Our ‘Can – do’ attitude gives our clients unbeatable value every time.

modified deer guard

modified for volvo, freight liner, peterbilt

Deer guard

Bold Look with Great Performance.