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At Amaze we believe in quality and we deliver our high quality products globally. Our products are found in a wide range around the globe, thus many industries are there who can recommend us. The reputation of our company has been built with expertise in field of machining of metallic powertrain products for the automotive industry. Our capabilities, practices, systems and quality stands out as the most preferred one in the automotive sector.

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We manufacture our Deer Guards/bumpers by following the cost effective approach and with the highest level of safety and productivity. Throughout North America our brand is known for the maximum value and is famous for delivering the safety guards in order to protect drivers, tucks and transports. By using our products the industries are preventing their selves from paying for the costly repairs, which can occur due to any collision on the highways. The investment cost on the truck is ultimately reduced, that is why our brand is so popular amongst the truck drivers and the manufacturing industries.

Our products are produced by the method of steel fabrication, this process allows us to create a wide range of shapes and sizes. With steel fabrication we can cope with complex individualistic designs. This technology provides various significant benefits to our clients.

Amaze Truck Bumper Guard
Amaze Truck Bumper Guard
Amaze Truck Bumper Guard

We as a steel fabricator will work according to your specific need and custom design and we’ll come up with the required product that will match your requirements. Our process is feasible for all those who are looking customized deer guards/bumper for trucks. With the use of standard bolts, single square end cuts or round pipe from stainless steel material with different grade of thickness and rationalize range of fittings, we are ready to protect your vehicle from any unwanted damage.

Our manufacturing process follows the latest technology and the transport companies or professional drivers who are investing in our products to give them a peace of mind in order to avoid unexpected cost for repairs, which might occur due to any kind of collision on the highways. The overall investment on the truck is also reduced by buying our Deer Guards.

We assure that our products will not only save your vehicle but will also save your money and with products like Volvo truck guard, freightliner truck guard, peterbilt truck guard and ken worth truck guard, you’re sure to leave our virtual store as a happy customer. You can also find other special designed products like diesel tank lock for fuel safety in our list. Our products are the best in the market and with stainless steel and chrome finish, you can be sure that your vehicle will get that classic look in style.

If you are looking for a strong, heavy and light duty front and rear bumpers for all kinds of trucks, then there is no other place better than Amaze Group. Check out now !

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